About Us

The New Zealand Chinese Business Club was launched in March 2021.

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The club’s mission is to enable Chinese businesses in New Zealand to make a greater contribution to the New Zealand economy and society. The club aims to create an influential platform where Chinese businesses in New Zealand get to know each other, share resources, exchange information and collaborate. It also facilitates the participation of Chinese businesses in the policy-making process of the government at various levels and promotes commercial exchanges between New Zealand and other countries, particularly China.

While Chinese businesses in New Zealand form its core membership, the club also accepts some non-Chinese businesses with a strong interest in the New Zealand Chinese community.

The club is run as a company and has its dedicated management team to provide professional services to its members. The club’s management team reports to club members about the spending of the club’s membership fee.

The club has a formal club dinner with a well-known guest speaker every quarter including an expanded annual gala dinner at the end of the year. The club also organises seminars on various topics, such as specific policy or regulation interpretation, business management and marketing.

The club encourages its members to actively engage other business organisations in New Zealand to have a better understanding of the New Zealand business environment, policies and regulations.